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Bargaining Bulletin #4 - Parties kick off negotiations, Work Cycle Agreement still unresolved.

Last week, your USW Local 2004 Bargaining Team kicked off negotiations with the Company and we exchanged our bargaining proposals. 
Our discussions focused mainly on the 2024 Work Cycle Agreement, which is still outstanding. As you know, the Work Cycle Agreement specifies which cycles, other than the normal 5/2, the company may assign to employees in certain regions or classifications.  
Despite the efforts of both parties, we were not able to reach an agreement on the Work Cycle this week. But discussions were respectful, positive, and the Union is confident that we will be able to reach agreement on this matter soon. 
Many of you have asked about the communication the Company sent to members on October 16th 2023, which implied that all employees may be required to work a 5/2 as per the Canada Labour Code if the Union and Company cannot reach an agreement on Work Cycles. This outcome is possible, but still unlikely. We believe that a modest and reasonable approach to Work Cycles, particularly in Zone, is appropriate and the best path to compromise on the Work Cycle agreement. We are also confident that the Company shares our interest in resolving the Work Cycle agreement as soon as possible. 
Then we can turn our minds to the other issues that matter most to you, like wages, benefits, expenses and work-life balance.
Our next negotiation round is set for the week of November 13th in Edmonton. Your bargaining committee has firm intentions to make gains that will substantially give you a better life and we will continue to keep you informed about the negotiations process as much as we can in the weeks to come. 
In solidarity,
USW Local 2004 Bargaining Committee

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