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Women of Steel

On behalf of the Executive Council of USW Local 2004, it is with great pride that we underscore our steadfast commitment to advancing the role of women in our workplace. The empowerment and active participation of women within our Local are not just goals but foundational pillars that strengthen our union. The Executive Council is devoted to creating initiatives and supporting programs that break down barriers and open pathways for women to lead and excel.

As a testament to this commitment, it was an empowering experience for our sisters to represent Local 2004 at the 2023 Women of Steel Conference. The following account from a dedicated sister within our Local captures the essence of solidarity and the spirit of change that we are fostering together.

I would like to extend a huge thank-you to everyone who made it possible for me to attend the 2023 Women of Steel conference.

The conference was held in Pittsburgh, bringing together over a thousand siblings, guests, and allies.


The message of this conference was "KNOW YOUR POWER," with various districts and sisters proudly representing their locals. As a District 6 delegate for our Local 2004C, I was proud to reconnect with my sisters from District 6 and District 3, and to meet new sisters from across the border.

Attending daily sessions, participating in workshops, our district and directors' caucus meetings, and receptions made it an impactful and empowering week. We danced, shared, laughed, and most importantly, stood together in solidarity—leaving no sister behind.

My favorite part of the conference was when we took to the streets of Pittsburgh. All attendees were bussed to the University of Pittsburgh to rally and show support for the graduate and staff at PITT. Women of Steel demonstrated strength in numbers, solidarity, and the importance of staying strong and continuing to fight! Pittsburgh is a steel town and union-proud! We also visited the headquarters of USW on the Boulevard of the Allies.

I want to thank you all again for your support in making this experience possible. I am grateful for all the courses I've had the opportunity to take so far.

My passion for USW is profound. I am witnessing significant movements and changes within USW and believe in our Local. I aspire to one day join the committee and hold a position as a woman in USW. I am keen to revive our Women's Committee, be a voice for our sisters and brothers of protected classes, including sexual orientation and gender identity/expression, and advocate for health and safety, all of which I am passionate about.

Thank you once again for your support.

In Solidarity,

Colleen Browning
Welder Foreman
Guelph Sub

For more information on how to become an active participant within our Local or join the Women of Steel Committee please contact your Regional Chief.

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