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Upcoming: Tentative Agreement Ratification & Executive Committee Elections


Sisters & Brothers,


We’re reaching out with important updates on two upcoming union activities: the ratification of a tentative agreement and the Executive Committee elections. Both require your informed participation.


Tentative Agreement Ratification: A detailed packet about our new tentative agreement, including how to vote on its ratification, will be arriving in your mail soon. It’s crucial to review this information carefully to make an informed decision on matters affecting our working conditions and benefits.


Executive Committee Elections: This is an opportunity to elect our leadership. Information on candidates and the voting process will be provided separately. Your vote will help shape the direction and priorities of USW Local 2004.


Why Both Matter: While these activities are separate, they are equally important for our union’s strength and democracy. Participating in both allows us to collectively negotiate better working conditions and elect leaders who represent our interests.


Next Steps: Look out for detailed instructions on both processes. Your participation is vital in shaping our future.


Thank you for your engagement.


In Solidarity,


Your USW Local 2004 Executive Committee

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