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Bargaining Summary
Week 3

Sisters and Brothers,


Last week, your bargaining team organized a second round of town hall meetings, providing updates on the ongoing negotiations at the bargaining table. The turnout was impressive, and we are encouraged by your active participation and interest in the bargaining process. Our commitment to keeping you informed remains strong as negotiations advance.


For those who were unable to join the town halls, here are the latest developments:


Our recent in-person meeting with the company took place from November 27th to December 1st. The discussions were constructive, covering various non-monetary matters. These included wage indemnity for employees undergoing medical examination, system-wide flagging, and training initiatives. We also addressed other key concerns like vacation splits and foremen rates, which are still under review.


Typically, negotiations address work rules before monetary aspects. Proposals to enhance wages, benefits, travel allowances, and meal and hotel expenses have been presented. We anticipate further progress on these items in our upcoming meeting with the Company from December 11th to 15th .


Additionally, we've successfully negotiated the Work Cycle agreement for 2024, securing a 10-day notice for work-cycle changes across most of the country.


We are hopeful and believe that we are moving towards a fair and beneficial agreement as we prepare for the next round of negotiations. Our goal is to secure a deal that represents the best interests and welfare of our members.


Your unwavering support and collaboration are vital to our collective success. Let's remain steadfast and united. We are committed to continue providing timely updates as discussions evolve.


In solidarity,


Cole Kramer

President, USW Local 2004

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