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Subject: Interpretation Dispute of Article 7.4 of Agreement 10.1 by CN


Sisters and Brothers,


We wish to inform you of a recent position taken by CN regarding Article 7.4 of Agreement 10.1. CN has declared that under this article, they are permitted to retain a member in a given position for up to 12 months until the member becomes qualified for the role. This interpretation implies that during this period, affected members would not be eligible to bid out to other positions.

The Union strongly disagrees with this interpretation. Our stance is that the language of Article 7.4 does not support CN’s position. We are prepared to challenge this through formal grievances and are committed to defending our members' rights to bid on other positions as traditionally practiced.


For reference - Article 7.4  Notwithstanding the provisions of Article 16.10 of Agreement 10.1, employees may accept promotion by bulletin to a higher classification in order of seniority prior to taking training in such classification. Employees so promoted must complete the training and become qualified within 12 months from the date they are promoted to such higher classification or be returned to their former position and forfeit any seniority acquired through such promotion.


Action Required:

If you are currently being held in a position under this new interpretation of Article 7.4, or if you are affected by this policy in any other way, please contact your regional Chief Steward immediately. It is crucial that we gather all instances of this issue to effectively challenge and rectify the situation.


We are dedicated to ensuring fair treatment and adherence to the correct interpretation of our agreements for all our members. Your prompt reporting is essential to our collective efforts.


Thank you for your attention to this matter and for your continued solidarity.


In solidarity,


Your Executive Committee 


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